Vandalism at Forest Cemetery, Circleville

15 04 2009

Vandals have stolen the statues from several children’s graves at Forest Cemetery in Circleville. According to cemetery caretaker Martin Garner, parts of at least 5 graves have been stolen over the past month. 

WBNS 10TV has an article and photos here.

Thanks to my friend Beth Santore at for alerting me to this.


Update: 10 Caskets Found at old Cheshire Cemetery site

15 04 2009

The Army Corps of Engineers has found 10 caskets at the site of the old Cheshire Cemetery, at least 5 of which contained human remains. They have also announced that those remains will definitely be reburied in Berlin Cemetery, site of the graves from Cheshire Cemetery that were relocated in the early 1970s.

Full article can be found at the Columbus Dispatch.

Not Just Caskets at the old Cheshire Cemetery

11 04 2009

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the caskets discovered earlier this week at Alum Creek Reservoir did indeed contain human remains. The Army Corps of Engineers has contracted Devore-Snyder Funeral Home to move the remains. They likely will be moved to the Berlin Cheshire Road Cemetery west of Alum Creek Reservoir.

Caskets Showing Up from Old Cheshire Cemetery

10 04 2009

Back in 1973, the Army Corps of Engineers moved the old Cheshire Cemetery in Delaware County to make way for Alum Creek Reservoir. It is estimated that they moved approximately 1,400 graves. Apparently they missed some, as several caskets have been found jutting out of the ground on the east bank of the reservoir. According to Corps spokeswoman Peggy Noel, the coroner’s office has been called in to see if the caskets contain any remains. 

The Columbus Dispatch has a story here.